Responsive Design - So What's That Then?

Posted on 03/08/2013 by Graeme Ritchie

Responsive Design - this may be the latest buzzword in the internet world, but it's important and is here to stay. Put simply, it means designing a website that looks good on a wide variety of browsers - from traditional desktops, to tablet devices, to smartphones.

What Makes Us Tick?

Posted on 13/06/2013 by Graeme Ritchie

We'll work hard to deliver you a high quality website. We love what we do and you'll see this when we start to work with you on your project. Our ethos is teamwork and as well as being a great web development team we like to have fun, keep fit and put that teamwork into practice outside the office too.

So What's in a Name?

Posted on 12/06/2013 by Graeme Ritchie

So where does our name come from? Why "Redstone"?

Well, it's a few things: it's Geography; it's Teamwork, Leisure and Fun; it's Our Beginnings; and it's Hard Work and Challenge. In short, our ethos...

Why We Do What We Do?

Posted on 10/06/2013 by Kim Ritchie

One Way of Doing It

Google "Web Content Management" and you'll be deluged with pages and pages of information telling you how wonderful the Open Source Web Content Management Systems (WCMs), such as Drupal, and in particular, Wordpress are. They are "free", fast to implement, can be tailored to your requirements and so on, you'll be told and, to a degree, this is all perfectly fair and right. At Redstone Websites, we're not going to tell you that popular systems on which many thousands of successful websites are built are bad or wrong - that would be silly. However, we think there's slightly more to it than all that and see things a little differently...

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