Thank you so much

The trustees and FAB team are very pleased with the outcome of our launch, and I personally really like the appearance and functionality of our website.
Thank you so much for all your hard work, it is much appreciated!
Nancy Poindexter, Fab Research

What a beautiful website! 

I was instantly and absolutely captivated by Gigha when I visited in 2015, and cannot wait until I return. I think of Gigha every single day.

Your website captures this magic and I thank you for putting together such a great site!

Canadian Visitor (Isle of Gigha website form)

A Huge 'Thank You'

A huge 'thank you' to Redstone Websites for giving us a fantastic new stock system. Gone are the days when we battled with stock-taking on New Year's Eve in the freezing cold, arguing about all the discrepancies we found! Now everything has a place, both physically and on the database. We still need to input a whole lot of stuff to complete it, but can highly recommend Redstone Websites' design, their professional approach and customer service and their desire to give the customer exactly what he (or she!) wants. Thank you guys!

Jill Douglas, East of Scotland Microlights

That now is perfection.

Being in a visual industry I am particularly influenced by visuals - and I think it is now exactly how I imagined.

Sara Nason, Reiff Beach Cottage

'Love the Website'.. 

.. .but why no entry for Mecanopsis'?! 

Pam Whittle (about MacPlants New Website)


An excellent, informative and easy site to move around. Pity my plant buying days are over. Regards. Tom

Tom Mabbott (about MacPlants Website)

"Prompt Response and Timely Execution!"

"Thanks again for your prompt response and timely execution which got us up in running in a challenging timeframe".

Graeme Cassie, Cosnadh Ltd

"You Did A Fantastic Job..."

"The website has been working wonderfully well and I’ve been singing its praises in my emails to everyone!  You did a fantastic job Kim, you and Graeme, and had I been staying on with FAB, it would have been a pleasure to continue to use it and work with you both."

Fiona O'Fee, FAB

"Delighted with my new website"

"from @redstonewebsite. Check it out at aritchiesolicitors.co.uk"

"#ff @redstonewebsite I can personally recommend their work"

Ann Ritchie, A Ritchie Solicitors

"Another good job done by Redstone"

 "Thanks so much."

James Leeming, Fishpal.com

"Quick, proactive and reliable"

"Our site is a vital tool for providing services to members and bringing in new business. Redstone Websites are quick to respond to requests for enhancements and always proactive at suggesting improvements."

Gordon and Jill Douglas, East of Scotland Microlights

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