Our Services

Website Design and Development

We can redesign your site to look more modern, and to work seamlessly on mobile phones and devices. If you are happy with your site design, we can simply make it easier for you to update your content. If this is a new website, we will work with you to design a site around your logo or corporate identity, and we are also happy to work with your own designers to make sure the site fits in with the rest of your marketing material. 

We will structure your information, and develop functionality such as shopping selection routines, custom searches and list layouts. 

Content Management ScreenEasy To Use Content Management

You can edit text, add products, categorise your content, change prices and add photos and images with no steep learning curve, and we will customise the interface to suit you perfectly - you won't have to dodge around tools that you won't personally use.  

We can create customised product imports from your existing stock control mechanism, or even help you set up spreadsheet or database to manage your product lists.    

Website Maintenance

We will look after your investment. We will ensure your site works as designed when browsers and web hosting software are regularly updated. We can also update the site for you if you don't want to manage your content yourself. And we will be delighted to enhance and expand your site as your requirements develop and your business grows. 

Mobile Development

Your website will automatically work on mobile devices such as iphones, smartphones and ipads. But we can also develop 'mini apps' which feature mobile-specific functionality such as offline cabability, geolocation features etc. and which share data with your "desktop" based site so that you only update your information in one place.   

Search Engine Optimisation

We will ensure that your site has the best chance of being found with your chosen keywords and phrases. We will make sure your site code is valid (so that it performs properly in all browsers and platforms), accessible to all users, and fast to load. These all improve the search engine ranking, and reflect the professionalism of your organisation, and of our company.

Photography and Image Editing

We have a large library of high quality photography that we can use to decorate and enhance your website. We are expert at manipulating and optimising digital images and welcome your own digital images which we can edit to make your site really stand out from the crowd.



No two sites are the same and we'll get to know your aspirations and requirements before we make you a competitive quote. Prices may vary from £300 for a very small and simple site to upward of £5000 for a highly complex eCommerce site with many of our application features. 

An example project pricing structure can be found in this FAQ.


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